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How do I add / edit products?

  1. From the left hand sidebar select “Products”.
  2. You will see a list of products you can search to find the one to edit or click “Add New” to add a new product.
  3. You can search for a product by either typing a partial name or SKU in the search bar on the right and click “Search Products” or you can “select a Category”.
  4. Information that you should enter is the product name, product category and optionally the description in the large text block.
  5. Under Product Data / Product Type select “simple product”.
  6. Enter the (ex GST) price in the General / Regular price ($). If you want to put the item on sale you can enter a sale price. Select “Tax status” as “Taxable”. Note: if GST is to be added then set “Tax class” as “Standard”. If it is GST free then set “Tax class” as “Zero rate”.
  7. Under the “Inventory” tab you should set a “SKU”. This must be unique as it is used to identify the product. It should be the ISBN if it has one. Check the “Manage Stock” and enter the number of stock in “Stock quantity”.
  8. All of the other information / tabs can be filled in but are optional.
  9. On the right hand side you can set the “Product Image” by clicking “Set product image. The media browser will appear and you can either select an existing image from “Media Library” or click “Upload Files” to upload a new one.
  10. There are many other optional information fields you can add like videos, image galleries, feature descriptions, etc